Posted by: tpsmsudenver | December 16, 2008

Another Denver Weather Post

It’s been really, really cold this week. And not just your average low temps experienced on a given December day either. We’re talkin’ record-breaking low temperatures! We’ve actually set records three straight days now. The record on the 15th obliterated the previous one.

Here’s an article from about it. I’ll quote the main points below:

On Monday morning, the official low temperature plummeted to -19 degrees at Denver International Airport. The coldest temperature on record for Dec. 15 was -6 degrees, last set in 1951.

The record low for Dec. 14 was broken at DIA. Shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday, DIA recorded a temperature of -18 degrees, breaking the old record of -14 last set in 1901.

And here’s further information from the National Weather Service about the records.

The Denver Weather Examiner has a great picture of what the temperatures all around Colorado looked like at 7am on the 15th of December. Scroll down to the middle of the page to see how cold it was.

And I just read that after a few days reprieve from the cold, meaning temperatures in the low 30s, another frigid arctic front is set to move in for the weekend.

Doesn’t mother nature have great timing?

—Todd, the intern.


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